Executive Director's Letter

submitted: July 22, 2014 -- 12:00 PM

Anyone who has turned on the news over the past few years has certainly heard politicians bandy about the phrase “my way or the highway,” usually referring to how stubborn their rivals are about taking an entrenched position on an issue.&... Read More

Associate President's Letter

submitted: July 22, 2014 -- 8:00 AM

Who’s afraid of a few tornadoes, pelting rain, the occasional lightning flash and sirens?  Not the WCA Members!  While Mother Nature did end up getting the best of the situation causing us to shorten our outing at the golf course last... Read More

President's Letter

submitted: July 22, 2014 -- 8:00 AM

I’m told Reverend Billy Graham once joked that the only time his prayers were never answered was on the golf course.  I have no doubt many of us who played in the WCA Charity Golf Tournament last week share that belief, especially after en... Read More

WCA Brown and Gold Sponsors

submitted: February 21, 2014 -- 8:00 AM

2014 WCA Brown and Gold Sponsors... Read More

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